These English poems which follow are a translation of the original Greek poems.

They are translated by the poet and they were published in Greece on the 2nd of January 2001.

By Mihalis D. RELLOS


cosmic and erotic

GREEK POEMS (1978-1985)

Athens, Greece, 1988





Perhaps the ancients were right,

unknown fate defines our life.

It pushes our soul in a remote,

full teardrops, embittered coarse.

Our body is jailed in a transparent shell

and desperately tries to shake off its bonds.

Our life is cut off, lonely and hard.

Drops of rare happiness

light our way in the darkness.





a.   Crime

It is dark outside, but it is still day...

What to do with a useless sun?

What it warms?

Maybe the frozen world
or the wings of the struck sparrow?

A mournful music matches only to a funeral.

A worm sun-ray matches only to a frozen heart.

O.K. To understand everything!


Black holes in hell

are the eyes of light.

The Paradise does not have eyes,

it does not hear, it just prohibits...

Explosion of light,

shadow mist.

One dirty game.

And all of them, what a pity, really!

To live in the dark and the filth...

Woe! What would be the fate of the mortals?

The curse of life?

The expression of nothing?

Look out, the sun rises again...



b.   Arrest

I am sure, they are sure.

You thought it was all otherwise.

How to believe what was going to happen to you...

When you heard it, you didn't care.

But it's unfair, it's a shame...

to try in vain,

to struggle for nothing,

to anguish for non-existence,

to live for a piece of bread of alms,

like the paralytic of the central avenue...

The stones melt,

the rocks fall down,

the flowers fade,

the sun extinguishes...

A useless kindness of a poor hermit...

A desperate glance outside of joy...

What a tragedy!

You feel it deeply inside you

and you cannot express it...

Irony of chance,

weakness of nature...

Again the mournful march for the powerful,

the ugliness for the truth,

the escape from the Paradise!



c.                Execution

I know you very well,

so much that you do not imagine

and as far as you will never believe...

I recognized you when you fought

with that wild beast of the jungle.

At that time you belonged to the jungle...

I recognized you when they whipped you as an animal,

indifferent for you, because you were a slave...

I recognized you in the face of Spartacus,

when you raised your sword

two inches from the executioner's neck.

It was useless...

I saw you much later

dying in a death camp…

I saw you again

when they were executing you in Mae-Lai...

I saw the terror in your eyes

and the flame of revenge

burning into your entrails.

However, you still live.

You are able to continue.

You engage the iron armies of destiny.

You fight in order to breath

the air of the new spring,

without knowing if it finally comes...




The vision was suddenly interrupted

as if it had succeeded in its aim.

The noise of machine-guns grew stronger

and the tanks were melting

everything in their way.

The bayonet of that hard

sergeant of the enemies

was deeply buried in the entrails

of that woman whose little

child ceased to smile and to nurse anymore.

The black desert covered our planet again,

just as a young man's bullet

was our end.

A small woody cross

was pushed over the ground

of the lying body of a mother.

Beside, the little child still cries

not being able to understand.

And next to the cross

a daisy of spring

is popping up.




Night seduced the nature

and love ceased on earth,

which is the solution,

who can say something anymore?

The smile grew in lips,

the eyes shone from joy,

they led to heaven's gate

and lighted the world once more!

The beautiful eyes that shed tears

proved great feelings,

what a pity those lilies withered

in a public view.

A brother asked for peace,

for safety that bourgeois,

the enemy pulled the trigger,

thus faded the lucky man.

A sun-ray in the soul

lights our hearts,

a bullet, however, and a voice

cover our screams.





(as a sentiment)

A flower grows in the yard,

a short life with end and start.

A beautiful branch dressed in green,

that props up little leaves of beauty.

All colours of the world

are heaped up and re-synthesized in front!

A touch, a union of time,

a feeling of thought and a delusion.

Hot follows cold and cold the hot.

But time passes.

It is a dilemma, a choice.

Will you cut the flower or not.

If you cut it, it will die in a vase,

if you leave it, it will dry in the wilderness.

The desert spreads everywhere

and sorrow becomes common.

Alone the beauty transforms the desert

into a fertile valley.

The wind blows strongly...

A sough penetrates the marrow...



(as a passion)

Flames burn the flesh

and howls follow.

Calling cries,

a call of force or weakness,

nobody knows...

How the one can be all?

How can you become everything?

How can you stop time?

Hot embrace and passionate disposition.

Hopes, dreams and life within a glance.

Electric thoughts and vibratory pulsations

transfer the scenic into another dimension,

that of passion.

Finally, what is love?

A completion, a participation,

a dream or a delusion?

Endless thoughts do not give any conclusions.

A weakness seams unique.

It is a different world

and just beside it, hatred.

A teardrop never becomes a river!



(And I love you without knowing why)

And I love you

without knowing why

and I recollect

all those moments

we lived together.

You are a light

into the morning dawn,

you are a light-house of the coast

for a coasting boat,

for me you are the key

of a different inner sense,

you are the measure of life!

And as all these memories

come back into my mind,

I feel loosing my thoughts

within so many impulsions.





As a dreamed figure of the night,

you beloved one, yesterday you came in my sleep

and keyed a forgotten note,

the deceived shadow of my loneliness.

Your caresses touched

the lips of my heart,

they dripped light drops

deeply into my eyes.

A magic shine came,

an old buried memory,

when I remembered you,

sad figure!





You who used to give eternity

with a smile,

with a glance,

now you are not

but a picture,

an illusion of mind...

Did you ever exist?

I wonder...

Maybe my memory deceives me?

Which is the truth

and what is the lie,

which is the meaning of wilderness?

You who used to give eternity

with a smile,

with a glance,

now you are nothing

but a picture,

an illusion of mind...





I would like to write you something

about the truth of life.

The lie of hypocrisy

is everywhere, it chases us

as the night fears the day,

while following it.

However, light dispels darkness!

Do not be afraid of it.

Light is more powerful than darkness!

Golden reflections of the sky

give birth to the dream.

And when you believe, whatever you believe,

it will be true!





Life does not worth anything without you.

Only the sun warms the frozen soul.

Only the sunrays burn the ice.

A ruthless condemnation is in front of us.

It orders pain, sorrow and loneliness.

Happiness un-seized bird,

collapse of every equilibrium,

because life does not worth anything without you.

A dream is in the horizon,

so much remote and fleeting.

Follow it 'till the end.

Accept all the consequences of the dream,

since the dream may fulfil

every desire of the heart.

Unbearable and bitter world

with no delight, because life does not worth anything without you.





Frenzy wind blows

with un-controlled roar and impulse,

it spoils the wooden walls

built by such a small soul.

And she remembers all the bitter

and forgotten words of memory,

she remembers old dreams

in beautiful passed times.

Warm magical evening

offers tender caresses

to that flaming heart.

To the ears of the double company

two words sound gently,

with the glance as last support.





Endless flight of the unknown,

the lightings of the black sky,

a Gordian bond with no solution,

infinite destructions of pain.

Rushing out to the abyss

the course of the sunbeam,

the dream a source of life

against the endless malice.

In the storm of life

with brave feelings

interminable the blood of the wound.

The unsurpassed impetus of the universe

pierces the limbs of all

and only a scream is the reaction.





A wish of the spring dawn,

marine travel of patience,

to close an old wound,

the end of some era.

Beyond the green forests,

above steep hill-sides,

I wonder what have you lost

there in the beautiful mountain tops?

You wait for a sweet vision

in a form of no matter day

on the fertile land of the dream.

You really seek to learn

a vision of love to live,

finally to find it you can not.





Stop you time,

stop you time,

stop to roll.

I search the elixir

of the knowledge of life,

but my life is not enough.

I seek eternal youth,

endless love,

unique moment of joy.

Stop you time,

Stop you time,

stop to roll.

That happiness I ask for

you want to deprive of me,

perhaps because I understood

the size of the world,

perhaps because I smelled

the scent of the delusion.

Oh! How we are small

in front of time as it passes...


The Greek prototype book was published in Athens - Greece in 1988

and contains various poems of the period 1978-1985 of the poet.

© 1978-2010, Mihalis D. Rellos

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